LinkedIn Leads: How to Get Leads from LinkedIn
SEPTEMBER 16, 2019

LinkedIn Leads- How to Get Leads from LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a unique social media platform catering to a very specific audience. Professionals and top executives populate LinkedIn, making it a great place to discover LinkedIn leads. In fact, 50% of B2B traffic coming from social media originates from LinkedIn. Moreover, LinkedIn contributes 80% of B2B leads coming from social media! But how do you get leads from LinkedIn?

LinkedIn's high potential makes it one of the most preferred marketing tools to gather valuable leads. In this article, we will reveal the secrets to get the most leads from LinkedIn to boost your conversions and sales.


How to Boost Your LinkedIn Leads

1. Develop SEO-Friendly Content

Most people think SEO-based content is only for ranking in search engines. But keywords can have a positive effect in LinkedIn too, helping people discover your profile. Use your target keywords in your headline, summary and all applicable places to feature yourself in relevant searches.

You should also sprinkle keywords in promotional content or posts you share, to improve your chances of getting leads from LinkedIn.

2. Publish Organic Content

LinkedIn is the go-to source for professional content. 91% executives prefer the platform as the first choice for professionally relevant content. 94% B2B companies also publish their content on LinkedIn.

You should publish high-quality and relevant content on LinkedIn to develop a committed reader base who could turn into LinkedIn leads in due time. It may take a while for results to appear, so have patience!

3. Utilize Visual Content

As humans, we are prone to pay attention to visually-enticing content. That works in LinkedIn too, as posts with images get twice the comments compared to posts with no images. Video posts are also effective, getting 5 times more comments than regular posts.

You should integrate visual elements in your content and profile to increase their appeal and keep your readers coming back to you. Gradually, some of them are bound to convert to leads!

Some visual elements you can use include-

  • Images and videos
  • Infographics
  • Animations
  • GIFs
  • Charts and graphs

4. Publish Content Regularly

You can increase your followers and organic LinkedIn leads by publishing fresh content at regular intervals. The process will help you become a thought leader and generate trust among your followers.

You can take help of online tools to schedule your posts in advance if you are short on time. Make a plan and stick to it publishing content at specific intervals to get leads from LinkedIn.

5. Write an Appealing Headline and Summary

The headline is the first thing anyone sees about your profile. So it makes sense to make the headline as strong and appealing as possible to ensure optimum click-through rates. You have 120 characters to spare so make every word count!

Keep your target audience in mind and include positive information about your company because this is another way to get leads from LinkedIn. The summary should match the headline and provide a continuation of the information. A strong headline and summary generate interest and contributes towards lead conversion.

6. Maintain Professionalism

LinkedIn differs from other social media platforms on the basis of its demographics. It's a network for professionals and everything about it should be professional. That means your profile, picture, headline, summary, content and everything should highlight the business side of your company to promote the chances of views turning into LinkedIn leads.

7. Be Consistent

It's crucial to maintain consistency in visual appearance and your messages if you are looking to build a brand. That means using similar color schemes, typography, tone and strategy across all social media platforms, including LinkedIn.

The process will allow people to recognize your brand and differentiate it from the competition.

8. Make the Most of Introductions

The people you want to target may not always be in your immediate connections. But you might have someone who knows that person or CEO you have been looking to connect. So ask your contact to introduce you to your potential target and set up your own extended network in the process.

You can then try to convert the new LinkedIn leads with your marketing efforts.

9. Take Advantage of LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn Groups are one of the best places to discover leads. You connect with a huge number of people who belong to the same professional circle or industry as you. These are naturally high-intent and highly-targeted leads, and more likely to convert with the least effort!

You can also stay on top of recent developments about your industry by participating in the groups.


Wrapping Up

LinkedIn can be a great source of qualified LinkedIn leads who are already interested in your industry or company. You can convert your leads with a little bit of work and boost your sales effectively. If you need help with creating an effective LinkedIn marketing strategy, our social media marketing program for LinkedIn would generate, nurture, and convert prospects through LinkedIn on autopilot.


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