Millennial Marketing: 7 Tips to Creating a Marketing Strategy
FEBRUARY 18, 2019

millennial marketing- 7 tips to creating a marketing strategy

Still wondering why those lazy millennials wouldn’t go to that neighborhood restaurant but would rather give that home delivery order from Uber Eats?

Believe it or not, millennials can end up baffling you. Critics regard them to be lazy and narcissistic, but they are also known to be open-minded, inclusive and supportive.

There have been varying opinions about the time period which encapsulates millennials, but they remain one of the toughest groups to impress. If you want to come up with a millennial marketing plan, then you have to use your creative faculty to the fullest.

You cannot ignore millennials as customers because they form a large portion of the U.S. population. Instead, you should allocate your time and money to understanding your options.

Studying their reactions to different digital marketing tactics is a good start. Your brand image should resonate with their outlook and views on life. Their desires, thoughts, and wishes might not align with yours, so you have to go out of your way to increase your customer base.

Millenials encompass a wide variety of demographics. While some of them are still pursuing their education, others have settled down with families. At heart, they are go-getters who know what they want. They are intelligent and smart when it comes to making business decisions, which is why your millennial marketing has to be a step ahead.

They know that they hold a lot of power as customers, and it is not likely that they will be willing to compromise. Moreover, millennials want to embrace the latest technological developments at all times which means that you need to upgrade your game.


The Top Tips to Make Your Business More Attractive

To make your business more appealing to them, here are a few tactics that you can use.


1. Work for a cause:

You will find that great deals are not enough to attract millennials into parting with their money. You have to give them something extra. They want a reason as to why they should choose you, and not your competitors. There are limitless options on the market, and you need to stand out. Hence, giving an additional incentive will you the leverage you need in order to increase your sales. Research based on millennial marketing has revealed that millennials are more likely to get into business with you if your company is associated with a cause. They like to think that a company stands for something other than landing customers and earning profits. 37% of millennials have reportedly admitted that they would not mind paying extra for a product or a service which supports a cause that they have faith in. 75% of millennials have also expressed a wish to see companies giving back to society with the help of their products. However, you should not try to deceive them because they will be quick to spot any inconsistency. Focus on honest and inspirational marketing.


2. Do not spend too much money on ads and capitalize on social proof:

2019 is not the year for traditional marketing tactics. You might think that the key to making fast sales and closing better deals is to take advantage of platforms such as Facebook Ads and AdWords, but that is always true. These strategies might work with a certain group of people, but Millennials will not stand for it because they are not receptive to these advertising methods, which is why creating a millennial marketing plan is a must.

HubSpot revealed that 84% of millennials have lost their faith traditional advertising, whether it be online or offline. If you want to attract more millennial customers, then you have to change your thinking patterns.

Why is it important to have a millennial marketing strategy? According to SocialChorus data, 95% of millennials trust their friends the most when it comes to product recommendations. They'd rather take their friends' suggestions than believing an online ad. Social proof is hence critical in order to increase your sales when it comes to millennials. Gather honest social proof and reviews so they can believe in your credibility.


3. Use social media:

Perhaps the most obvious of all, making a mark on social media will help you attract more millennials. They use smartphones on a regular basis, and they appreciate it when a company is reaching out to them on a platform they use. Facebook is undoubtedly one of the most popular social media sites out there because 87% of millennials have been known to use the platform.

Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube and Pinterest have also gathered momentum among the millennials. Build your online brand identity and engage with your followers. Devoting time and effort into managing your social media accounts will drive your sales because your company will become trustworthy and credible with millennial marketing.


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