New Business Owners Guide: Marketing Strategies for Small Business
JUNE 02, 2019

new business owners guide

Starting a small business is an exciting opportunity to achieve your goals and ambitions. The first few months are the most crucial for business as they help in building brand image. A lot matters on the marketing channel you choose. We don’t want you to go through the trouble of spending too much time finding the right marketing channel, so we have done the homework on your behalf with our marketing strategies for small business.

Every business is different as the target audience varies. If you follow the steps that we have mentioned below, we assure you that you will be 100 percent successful.

Why multichannel marketing isn’t a good small business marketing strategy?

Before we understand why multi-channel small business marketing isn’t recommended, let’s talk about Venn diagrams. There are four main types of marketing channels that are a combination of online, offline, brand, and sales methods. Some of them include PR, emails, affiliate marketing, print, television, and vouchers.

If you are a local brick-and-mortar store, you have even more options and as a new business all of this can be overwhelming. Every single method has multiple ways to master it and requires learning complicated stuff.

The best way to escape all this is not taking up the multichannel marketing challenge in the first place. This would have made you wonder, what exactly do you need to do to find the perfect marketing channel for your business?


Three questions you should first ask yourself when creating marketing strategies for small business:

1. Who is your target audience?

2. Where do they usually hang out?

3. Which is the best marketing channel to reach out to them?


For example, when creating your marketing strategies for small business, you can easily find out the answers to the first two questions but the third one gets tricky. Don’t work too hard to find the answer to it but instead, keep it simple. Let’s say you have a boutique store in California, but the state is too big, so you have to pinpoint the exact location. If we consider that it is in Los Angeles, it is important to mention that because you will be selling clothes to people in that particular city.

Let’s say, Jamie Marie is your regular customer, who is a dermatologist and works four days a week. She comes to your store every 15 days to check out the new collection. You even know the car she drives or the time she comes. Jamie is completely made up and has a persona. Likewise, you have to find your target audience’s persona. If you get more sales from youth, you can choose online channels including Instagram and YouTube, but if you have older population as your major group, pick a combination of offline methods.

Market the small business where customers are:


There are six you need to remember while choosing a marketing channel.

1. Select the marketing channel based on three things -- low cost, easy to learn, and offers maximum results in the least amount of time.

2. It's okay if you don’t have any money. Use free channels to promote your brand. You can start a free Facebook or Instagram group.

3. Decide the amount of time you plan to spend on one marketing campaign. Follow a simple rule -- the more time you spend, the bigger should be the results.

4. If you want fast results, you will have to invest some money.

5. It takes around 20 hours to learn a basic skill, so if you are working for eight hours on your startup, spend 2 ½ hours every day on the marketing channel. If you are working part-time for two hours daily, dedicate 10 days of your schedule completely on developing a strong position in the channel.

6. Expand your foundational skills and learn blogging. It is a great way to market your products and provide valuable information at the same time.


Tips to help you benefit the maximum through your channel

If you want to make a big, positive impact, these tips will help you.

1. Don’t give up on the channel, marketing strategies for small business aren't overnight.

Some accounts take longer to gain momentum, so be patient and give it your best shot. You never know which post or campaign will boost traffic.

2. Choose one with the fastest results

As a local boutique store, you should add flyers to the newspaper or stick a poster in your local coffee shop. Find the easiest way you can attract customers.

3. Don't be afraid to switch channels

If after trying several times on one channel doesn’t work for you, switch to another channel. Running a business is like trial and error. You won’t learn unless you make mistakes.

4. Use another channel after mastering the first one

Don’t stick with one marketing channel for too long, especially after you achieve a sales plateau. Branch out to a new channel and expose your business to a larger target audience.

5. Learn everything about your channel of choice

Your goal should be to become an expert account on the channel. Only when you are in a position of authority, your business will prosper with minimum efforts.


If you have a B2C business, the best marketing strategy for you is Facebook. It has over 2.3 billion active monthly users and the advertisement rates are super low.



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