New Shoe Store Builds Brand Trust & Value For $300 Shoes

Tell us a little about what struggles your store had?

We’re an online retailer for authentic shoes with sneakerheads being our customer base. We struggled for the longest time building enough trust since we are new to the sneaker world, and while our collections are competitive, customers preferred buying from competitors due to the lack of trust since authenticity is important in the sneaker world. As a result, we got traffic, but minimal sales.

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    How did you try and solve the struggles?

    We were running Facebook ads that were reaching true sneaker heads, and we did get a good amount of traffic with users browsing our website, but the purchases were minimal. We simply did not know why users were not buying when the product is 30% less in comparison to competitors.

    Why did you choose to switch to a sales funnel?

    We knew that our product pages weren’t influencing a purchase, but we did not know how to fix that since there is only so much information we can provide. Our product pages were simple with a photo, description and buy now button; we knew that for high-ticket items like this, we needed something more effective that would have them purchase, and continue to nurture them through upsells and down-sells since we know that 63% of our customers would make a repeat purchase in 30 days if there was a system in place to influence that purchase.

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      Compare before v/s after adding a sales funnel to your store.

      It was night and day. I realized that we were putting hundreds of products in front of a customer with our store which caused them to have shopping fatigue, but when we switched to sales funnels, we focused only on the highest performing products with other products being upsold and down-sold in the funnel. In return, our ad targeting was much more specific to users who had an interest in only those specific products; this is when our conversion rates starting rising week after week. As more time passed, it continued to improve with every click since the campaign learned more and more.

      How long did it take before you started noticing improvements?

      We saw a noticeable difference in a two-week period of time, but not enough to keep us encouraged for what was to come next. As a month passed, this is when we started seeing very nominal improvements since the campaign and funnels needed to learn more about who our true buyers are.

      Want to see what a funnel could do for your store?

        What areas did our sales funnels improve or solve for your store?

        I would have to say consolidating hundreds of products into a group of best sellers, and creating funnels that focused specifically on those products, along with the audience we we reaching with ads being more related and engaged in return.

        Give a thumbs up for only one part of our sales funnels!

        We previously had over 10+ apps that managed different parts of our customer lifecycle, but the ability to have our entire customer lifecycle managed in one funnel would be the most important part since it supported being able to measure performance more effectively and having the optimizations done for us.

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