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Start creating and sending invoices faster with the best billing software. Promote transparency with invoice viewing & payment activity by using free invoicing software for small business. Connect with 50+ other Workplace apps; increase productivity.

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  • Get Paid Faster

    Create an invoice, setup the billing schedule, and have customers view & pay their invoice.

  • View Invoice & Payment Activity

    Get a glance at when invoices were viewed to avoid miss-communication and promote transparency.

  • Issue Invoices Faster

    Create invoices quickly with a name and email and have customers complete the rest while paying.

  • ActiveSync with Other Apps

    Connect with other Workplace apps; increase productivity by having apps work together to bring the day together.

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It’s free, and it has everything you need to boost sales, be more productive, and manage your day-to-day. Give it a try; watch staff gets empowered under one platform.

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Cut costs; save thousands every year by switching from all of the apps you use and bringing it into Workplace.

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Make smarter decisions with apps sharing analytics; cross-connecting to simplify repetitive tasks you do everyday.

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Get actionable insights across more than 50+ apps in one look; empower your team to make agile decisions.

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