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Get a bird’s eye view with real-time analytics & predictive analytics.

Predict the future with our analytics program which integrates into your website, applications and combines the power of Google Analytics to provide real-time insight into the health of your marketing program.

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Real-time Analytics

Get 365-degree insight into analytics on the performance behind your marketing program and have our team walk you through achievements.

Predictive Analytics

Stay ahead of the curve and make agile decisions with insights on future orders, inquiries, visits and more with predictive analytics!

Monitor Competitors

Gain awareness about competitors insights; view analytics on search engine rankings, traffic and more, all with just using their web address.


Engage with real-time marketing analytics and program health.

Get insights with a bird’s eye view of how your marketing is performing across all programs. Easily view overall program health, cross-compare performance across different programs, view detailed insights and reports from a prospect’s origin to conversion all in one single place.

Our marketing analytics team is always readily available to walk you through your marketing performance and simplify the marketing insights dashboard, explore bottlenecks and achievements.


Monitor revenue, orders, calls, and conversions in one place through your marketing platform.

Streamline program analytics and see from what programs revenue, orders, calls, and conversions originated from to determine what’s working and what’s not in a moment’s notice.

Our analytics team uses real-time sales analytics and pairs it with program analytics to perform A/B testing across your marketing program and improve bottlenecks in your marketing program.


Monitor competitors and predict future actions with your programs.

Look beyond today and predict future outcomes with your program with predictive analytics. Make agile decisions with insights on future orders, inquiries, visits and more!

Monitor competitors with a 365-degree insight and view analytics on search engine rankings, brand awareness, estimated traffic, inquiries and purchases all with just using their website address.


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