Reddit Digital Marketing: How to Use Reddit for Marketing
OCTOBER 18, 2019

Reddit Digital Marketing - How to Use Reddit for Marketing

Reddit calls itself "first page of the internet" and rightfully so! It's one of the best places to discover impeccable content with a user base of 1.65 billion. It's the sixth-most-popular site in the USA and ranks 18th across the world. With 274 million monthly active users, it's an ideal source to do Reddit digital marketing, but first, we'll need to learn how to use Reddit for marketing.

Today, we will tell you how to make the most of Reddit so that you can use it for your own purpose. Here's what you need to get yourself familiarized with!


Reddit Features:



Subreddits are message boards for particular topics. They are represented with a small "r" followed by the name of the board. For example, r/cricket is a Subreddit for talking about cricket.


You can upvote or downvote posts and comments of other users. The posts with most upvotes feature prominently in the news feed. You can either upvote to show appreciation or downvote to signify your displeasure; you can use this as an advantage for Reddit digital marketing.


You can post text, images, videos and links on Reddit. Just be sure to follow the guidelines for each Subreddit.


You can cater to all your reading needs on Reddit. The site allows you to read posts and comments of others, follow links to visit websites and view videos and images.


If you want to unsubscribe from a topic, click on the "My subreddit" link in your profile. Then click the red unsubscribe button to get the job done.


You can use Multireddits to group subreddits surrounding a specific topic. It helps you access all your topics from a single interface, making it easy to browse.


Reddiquettes are guidelines you need to follow to participate on Reddit, which is important when learning to use Reddit for marketing. For example, Reddit doesn't allow posts that incite violence or contains involuntary pornography. Always follow the guidelines and show respect to others.


Who says karma only works in real life! You can earn good karma in Reddit by following all Reddiquettes and staying active, which boosts your reputation.

Reddit Gold

You will need Reddit Gold to apply for Reddit Gold membership at $3.99 per month ($29.99 yearly). The membership provides privileges like ad blockers, customized avatars and themes, and so on.

Terms Used in Reddit

Users in Reddit often use terms that may leave you wondering what they mean! So here's a takedown of the most common terms-

  • IRL: Stands for "in real life" and used to describe situations in the real world.
  • TLDR: Means "too long, didn't read." Used for posts that are too lengthy.
  • FTFY: Refers to "fixed that for you." You can use it to follow up grammatical corrections or mistakes of other users.
  • NSFW: Means "not safe for work" and implies that the post contains explicit or inappropriate content to be accessed in public.
  • AMA: Used to mean "ask me anything." You can use it to strike up a conversation with other users.
  • TIL: Stands for "today I learned." Used to describe things you learned that you didn't know earlier.


Reddit Tools You can Use

Here are some tools you can use to enhance your Reddit experience-

  • Reddit Enhancement Suite

You can install this Chrome extension to enjoy some Reddit Gold features for free. The tool allows you to edit your posts easily and track specific users and their posts which is resourceful when you're using Reddit digital marketing.

  • Reddit Insight

Reddit Insight lets you develop insights and track posts in real-time. You can discover everything about a post like the number of comments or karma using this tool.

  • Reddit Later

Reddit Later enables you to schedule posts for a later time and date.

  • Pro Reddit Tips

Consider the following tips to derive the most out of Reddit-



Be sure to follow all guidelines and rules of a Subreddit displayed on the right sidebar. Reddit uses three methods of moderation-

  • Manual moderation done by human moderators
  • Automatic moderation performed by bots
  • Moderation by Subreddit community through reporting and downvoting



Relevancy plays a big part in enhancing the value of content on Reddit. You should make sure you are posting in the right Subreddit and your topic hasn't been discussed before.



Submit your topic to proper Subreddits for most votes and comments. You can post text, links, images, and videos on Reddit to encourage conversations and earn upvotes.


Accumulating Karma on Reddit

Karma points add to your credibility and reputation on Reddit. So stay active, post relevantly and stay consistent to earn maximum karma.


Final Thoughts

Reddit can be a great platform to exchange content and perform Reddit digital marketing if you do it the right way! Follow our tips and use the Reddit tools we mentioned to boost your Reddit profile to a great extent and learn
how to use Reddit for marketing.


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