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Advertise to past visitors; stay top of mind during your prospects buying cycle.

Run personalized ads across the web and social media for visitors whom never purchased or inquired; establish a sales funnel which nurtures for a conversion.

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Stay Top of Mind

Most people don’t buy the first time they encounter your brand. Retargeting enables you to stay top of mind during their purchase making and/or competitor evaluating stage.

Free Retargeting Credits

We include free retargeting credits for up to 5,000 unique visits per month with a retargeting subscription. Cut costs; fuel lost sales into your pipeline.

Regain Lost Opportunities

Enable your brand to take control of your prospect’s decision-making process by regaining opportunities you never would have had with retargeting.


Advertise to past visitors on websites, social media and email.

Stay top of mind and capture the customers who don’t purchase the first time they visit; nurture them through your sales funnel based on their purchase making stages. Regain lost opportunities with free retargeting credits for up to 5,000 unique visits per month with our retargeting program.

Retargeting banners appear on every ad-enabled website and social media channels such as Facebook, enabling you to capture the right moment for a second opportunity. Plus, send targeted email campaigns with matched emails that visitors enter on your website.


Watch your retargeting lists grow based on interest, products or services.

We’ll establish several different retargeting lists for you based on prospect’s interests, products and/or services they’re interested in and pages they visited in order to create an efficient sales funnel which shows the right retargeting ads, to the right prospects, at the right time.

Our remarketing ads team will develop landing pages for each specific list to drive value based on the reason why the prospect may have originally not converted into a customer.


Compare performance across every website, social media channel and through a conversion.

Easily monitor results at any time across all remarketing channels; preview your ads, view your landing pages and monitor performance behind how remarketing is promoting more sales.

Our remarketing ads team will consistently monitor your retargeting performance to ensure that your maximizing your conversion potential; they’ll optimize your campaigns to drive better results.


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