Get found in search by the most
qualified buyers with one platform.

Have the right buyers find you when their search supports an intent to purchase. Walk your buyers through a customer journey that promotes conversions; outrank competitors while building trust with Google with our affordable seo services for small business.

One platform for all of your goals.

Start with one goal and grow into others.

  • Reach Ready-to-buy Buyers

    Reach buyers through keywords that show that they're ready to commit a purchase.

  • Reach Local Buyers

    Be first insight for a local city and surrounding areas when buyers search for your products or services.

  • Reach Research Phase Buyers

    Capture your buyers during their research phase and be the first to influence them into a purchase.

  • Align with Competitors

    Match up with competitors; reach and influence your audience while they're exploring alternatives.

Plan, create, launch & optimize.

It’s all done for you, from software to service.

Start with the Search marketing plan.

Have our team of Search pros evaluate current performance and create a search engine optimization plan that finds buyers when they’re ready to buy from you.

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Search terms aren’t alike, and in your plan, our Search pros research terms that show that a buyer is ready to buy, not just browse.

Current Performance arrow down icon

Have a baseline of your website in your Search Plan which shows the necessary optimizations that need to be completed by our Search Pros.

Predictable Search Performance arrow down icon

Bring your Search plan together with predictable estimations for how long it will take to appear in prominent positions for your search terms.

Search pros perform on-going optimization.

Launch your search engine optimization plan effortlessly, and have our Search pros perform ongoing optimization for your website backed by transparent reporting.

Before & After Reporting arrow red down icon

Stay in the know; have transparent reporting each step along the way which shows the results before and after performing optimizations.

Marketing Consultant Updates arrow red down icon

Get status updates for your Search program from your go-to marketing consultant that works with you 1-on-1 through every accomplishment.

Weekly & Monthly Reporting arrow red down icon

Quick insights once a week to walk through search rankings and website health and comprehensive monthly reporting to measure performance.

Monitor Search performance in one Dashboard.

Real-time insights in your Dashboard allow you to watch the progress behind the Search program and monitor performance on demand.

Search Rankings arrow down icon

Watch your search terms outperform competitors through your marketing dashboard. Compare the history, competitors, and monitor any location.

Competition Monitoring arrow down icon

Cross-compare performance against your competitors; compare rankings and stay one step ahead of any swift advances they perform with their Search plan.

Site Health arrow down icon

Be the first to have insight into your website health and watch the gradual improvement with your Search program as it happens.

Get started with our turn-key approach.

It’s simple, quick, and easy. We do it all for you.

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Start with your affordable so services for small business and get assigned to your account manager.

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Let’s learn a little about your brand. Complete onboarding in a few simple steps.

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Marketing Plan

Our Search pros complete your plan in 5-7 days. Approve & launch or cancel with a full refund.

Explore our Case Studies

Go beyond what you thought you could accomplish.

Online Yoga Studio
Before Unified


Average in Search Conversions
With Unified


Increase in Search Conversions

We did not understand how we could convey our subscription model to our audience in a simple enough way that our potential students wouldn’t look for alternatives. Why Unified is one of the best seo companies for small business that accomplished this.

Derik M.

Managing Member


Explore our Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about this marketing program? We have the answers!

Search is a marketing service that’s been brought into a proven and time-tested marketing program through campaigns that accomplish different types of Search goals.

With the Search program, everything that’s required to accomplish the goal behind a campaign is included unlike other alternatives backed by working with qualified Search professionals.

With the Search program, it includes different types of campaigns to reach different types of goals. Campaigns enable a small business to laser-focus on the accomplishment they’re wanting to make in comparison to focusing on Search as a whole which results in being able to measure performance more effectively and reach goals much quicker.

On average, small business owners start with one campaign when using our affordable seo services for small business and expand into other campaigns, but you do have the ability to add additional campaigns to your subscription.

Search is based on a low monthly subscription which includes everything that’s needed to work towards accomplishing the goal behind the chosen campaign. If you’d like to see current pricing for the Search program, please visit

Search includes all of the necessities that are required to accomplish the goal behind a campaign. If you’d like to explore all of the plan limits and tasks for the Search program, please request pricing and view the program product page by visiting

You can easily give the Search program a try in a few simple steps. Start with registering for the Search program with the best seo companies for small business; then answer a few simple questions so that we can learn more about your business. Thereafter, our Search pros begin with creating your Search plan which can take 5-7 days to complete. When the plan is completed, you’ll receive a notification to review the plan. If you approve the plan, you can continue into launch. If you decline the plan, you can cancel with a full refund.

With the Search program, you receive a Search plan that explains your campaign goals, walks through your Search sequence, and your Search ads amongst other important campaign information.

With the Search marketing plan, you can make an informed decision on whether you’d like to continue to launch the program or cancel with a full refund.

If you have specific requirements that go outside the plan limits or tasks with the Search program, you can always purchase additional addons on-demand to meet your requirements with our affordable seo services for small business.

Plus with the Search program enables you to accomplish more with the program, in less time and adds a more personalized experience with your marketing program. If you’d like to learn more about Plus and what it can do for your business, visit

With the Search program, you can cancel with a full refund before you approve the Search marketing program. We’re affordable seo services for small business; we do not offer refunds after the Search plan has been approved, but you do have the opportunity to cancel based on the terms in your Service Agreement.

With all of our marketing programs, the base program entails email communication with a 2-3 business day response time with monthly reporting. If you upgrade to Plus, you can take advantage of being assigned to an account manager, phone support, bi-weekly updates, monthly strategy calls and 1-2 business day response times, which is why we’re rated as one of the best seo companies for small business.

With the Search program, you own all of the materials behind the program after you approve the Search plan; as long as your account is not past-due.

We are unable to make predictions or give a timeline of when the Search programs is expected to start showing performance towards your campaign’s goals since this is dependent on many factors that are outside of the program’s control and typically varies from business to business. We do welcome you to view our case studies to see how other businesses have performed by visiting

Unlike other affordable seo services for small business, the Search program includes everything that’s needed to plan, create and launch to program to work towards reaching the campaigns goals.

Other best seo companies for small business alternatives typically don’t have time-tested marketing programs and aren’t laser-focused on reaching specific goals within the program. Further, it’s also commonly associated with high up-front costs and on-going costs since many features that the Search program includes aren’t included such as the Search plan, Search platform, unlimited engagement, and more. If you’d like to compare us to other Search marketing agencies, view our comparisons by visiting

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