Smartwatch Store Makes $300,000 in 6 Months

Tell us a little about what struggles your store had?

We sell a wearable smartwatch that competes with Fitbit, Apple Watches, and similar products at a competitive price point for the alternative audience that wants the same features for an economy price point backed by the same level of customer service. We took a strategic approach in being the gifting option for friends, family members, and loved ones rather than direct to consumers. We faced challenges with being the unknown brand, a lack of understanding who our true customer was, and the inability to bring together a cohesive marketing strategy that connects all of our marketing together.

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    How did you try and solve the struggles?

    We looked for a digital marketing partner to work with that would manage all of our digital marketing. We were met with having to branch out to multiple companies that specialize in each field with thousands of dollars per month adding up; it was not feasible for our new start-up. We needed a partner that would be cost-effective, dedicated to our success, and bring everything together. During the first six months of our marketing initiative, we had no choice but to bootstrap and learn as much as we can and manage our own advertising, which resulted in many challenges, wasted advertising spend, and most importantly time.

    Why did you choose to switch to a sales funnel?

    We found it to be the most natural thing to do. We only have a select number of products; we needed a solution that would handle all channels under one umbrella. We saved thousands of dollars a month by making the switch to a true sales funnel without the hassle of managing multiple freelancers, agencies and learning new software.

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      Compare before v/s after adding a sales funnel to your store.

      We were able to introduce multiple strategies in different funnels and compare which worked best without spending months doing it. In a month of time, we split-tested five different approaches and determined that two of them were contributing a great return on ad spend. With our previous marketing setup, we were not able to do this; if we tried, we had to hire a developer for every small change we needed to make to our website. More importantly, our funnels are smart with the ability to learn how our visitors are behaving in the funnel; when they engaged with our ads next, they would be brought to the correct step of the funnel that would result in a purchase, upsell, or both.

      How long did it take before you started noticing improvements?

      It was a bit difficult for us to measure prior performance in contrast to after because we did not have any other than the thousands of dollars of ad spend that went un-accounted. As we made the switch, we were met with our first sales in the first week which carried on into 50+ sales every two weeks and now well into hundreds of sales a month. It took about a month to start achieving our goals which were beyond our expectations.

      Want to see what a funnel could do for your store?

        What areas did our sales funnels improve or solve for your store?

        First and foremost, sales. Making the switch was our last option after exhausting the majority of our advertising spend. Secondly, the ability to quickly adapt and see in great depth what is contributing to both our wins and losses with birds-eye views of our entire customer experience. Lastly, it would be having all of the bells and whistles that aged competitors have that bring one simple yet comprehensive approach to selling the first product to upselling, down-selling, and cross-selling other related products that our audience has an interest in.

        Give a thumbs up for only one part of our sales funnels!

        We have explored nearly every agency in the marketplace. To date, there is no comparable agency that combines both the software and team to do everything for us in one place. Combining all of this under one platform is what has supported driving consistent results and building our brand to selling more than $300,000 in gross revenue in the last six months.

        Start selling with a funnel under one platform & team

        Our funnels are not only designed to support more checkouts, and introduce a journey of natural up-sells, but they’re cost-effective too.