Supplement Store Averages 150 New Orders Every Week

Tell us a little about what struggles your store had?

Our supplement store is a drop shipped private label brand with more than 50+ supplements that support a natural and healthy lifestyle for adults of all ages. Our competitive advantage is having similar all-natural ingredients as brand labels for less than 60% of the cost. Our store is relatively new, and we struggled with educating users on our supplements and how it can help reach their specific health goals in combination with a limited budget due to being self-funded.

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    How did you try and solve the struggles?

    We purchased a complete Shopify store that was drop-shipping ready and hired an agency to manage our ads. We spent more than $5,000 in advertising spend with little to no return. We had a belief that our target audience was nearly everyone that had an interest in health and well-being, but we were wrong. Instead, we found that our users needed to be educated on how our product line supports their personalized health along with our advertising being targeted towards individuals that have similar traits in common.

    Why did you choose to switch to a sales funnel?

    Educating our shoppers in an easy and trendy way without information overload was one of the main reasons why we switched to a sales funnel. Having the ability to nurture users a step at a time depending on where they are in the buying phase was important to us. We also liked the advantage of all of our marketing being in one place so that our users have the same consistent experience.

    Want to see what a funnel could do for your store?

      Compare before v/s after adding a sales funnel to your store.

      The results were night and day. Before making the switch, our advertising campaigns simply had no return on ad spend due to the lack of trust, education, and audience targeting. When our funnels launched, we noticed a consistency in orders that we did not see before understanding that we now have funnels that allow our buyers to buy in multiple steps and throughout multiple occasions. Fast forwarding, we enabled subscriptions with our sales funnels and established a strong recurring subscriptions base which increased the lifetime value of our customers.

      How long did it take before you started noticing improvements?

      As our funnel plan was created and our campaigns launched, it took two weeks to start seeing some level of sales starting to brew. As a few more weeks passed, we started seeing more orders consistently and to date, we are averaging 150 orders a week at a stable ads budget which we are slowly increased every month so that we may continue to gain market share in such a competitive landscape.

      Want to see what a funnel could do for your store?

        What areas did our sales funnels improve or solve for your store?

        Introducing a clear and consistent buying experience that is personalized for each buyer was a big win for our store alongside enabling subscriptions for all of our products. Buyers are more clearly educated on the benefits of the supplements and in return trust our store to support their daily regimen of living a healthy lifestyle.

        Give a thumbs up for only one part of our sales funnels!

        Having everything under one platform is a big win for us also. Our entire customer experience runs and is optimized under one team. Before we made the switch, we had an agency running ads, cross-connecting with email marketing software, a limited Shopify store that we had no technical ability to edit, and optimization that was sporadic.

        Start selling with a funnel under one platform & team

        Our funnels are not only designed to support more checkouts, and introduce a journey of natural up-sells, but they’re cost-effective too.