The Top 24 Social Media Post Ideas to Fill Your Calendar
SEPTEMBER 25, 2019

The Top 24 Social Media Post Ideas to Fill Your Calendar

Just like an author struggling with a writer’s block, even marketers have their creative block no matter how AI-driven they may be. It is easy to lose hope when there is the pressure of nearing the deadline and no original idea or concept comes to you. If all you need is a little push, a bit of inspiration, this long list is for you for social media post ideas.


Few Social Media Resources for You

You will require the right tool to succeed in social media. Here are some freebies which can be useful:

  • Social Media Calendar Template will help you plan your posts ahead of time.
  • How Often to Post On Social Media Infographic will help you to map out the posting schedule
  • Social Media Strategy Checklist to build a comprehensive strategy for the content on social media

Choose the Apt Social Media

It’s better to have knowledge of how each social network works. Here’s a reference sheet for you:

How to Put the Ideas into Practice

Lacking creative inspiration, difficulty in finding content to share, content that isn’t providing the expected results are just a few of the multitude of problems you may experience. Here are a few social media post ideas:

Planning Ahead With a Social Media Calendar

It will keep your posts organized, give full visibility to your team into your social media schedule and make it possible to plan both content and social promotion simultaneously.

Plan Cohesive Campaigns

It drives in the message home. Campaigns can be to promote events, a series of posts which promote a single content, or a string of branded posts that carries a constant message or a hashtag.

Schedule Ad Hoc Posts

Ad Hoc posts are one-off posts which are spontaneous and aren’t necessarily connected to the campaign but will reinforce the overall message if you're out of social media post ideas. It gives you flexibility, making it easier to react to trending topics, giving your brand added exposure.


Now let’s look into those 52 tips:

1. Company’s Blog Posts

You can share your company’s blog on your own social media platforms.

The content of the blogs must be valuable and should be relatable to the audience. A simple way is to make “how to” posts amongst other social media post ideas.

2. Posts Which Shows Your Company’s Culture

A culture post could be an image or an article which shows the highlights of your business. It could be behind-the-scenes of your employee’s doing or an article on your [business] take on some concept.

3. Industry News

Since news articles get more shares than other kinds of articles, create a list of news sources in your industry which could be publication or websites, follow them on twitter and when they post something, retweet it or share it in another social network like Facebook.

4. Curated Content

It’s just sharing others content in your niche rather than coming up with your own social media post ideas. Rather than writing and spending time on something that’s already been written, the post can be shared by giving them credits.

5. Question Posts

You can get the audience engaged by asking a question, it needn’t be a blog post or article always.  A Twitter poll or fun questions can get the people taking.

6. Product/ Company Videos

Since videos have a better organic reach than photos, you can share videos about your company or our new product.

7. Customer Reviews and Testimonials

If you have dedicated fans, retweet their words or create a graphic with their testimonial, with their name/handle.

8. Quick Tips and Service

You can share tips which you consider are important if you're out of social media post ideas

9. Memes or GIFs

Adding GIFs or memes adds a fun spin to your otherwise plain post, making it irresistible to scroll past it. They get more likes and retweets, hence are becoming popular among companies.

10. Content Posts

Engaging the audience in contests related to your brand helps you increase subscribers by attracting those who haven’t followed you yet. You should be clear about your objective and the way you want the audience to participate in order to get the best outcome.

11. Holiday Posts

Share a pic, video or an article and show your holiday spirit, the audience will appreciate knowing that even business people enjoy holidays. Like Starbucks getting excited for Christmas.

12. Company Events Photos

Spread awareness on the charity event or fundraiser held by your company by sharing it on social media.

13. Post Answers to Commonly Asked Questions

If you are receiving common questions from many people, instead of responding it individually, solve it all at once. The answer could be pinned to your social media page, like Facebook or Twitter.

14. Share Infographics

Another social media post idea is a way to show a step-by-step guide, like on Pinterest. It allows information in the form of visuals. It can even make boring statistics interesting. The audience will be drawn to the visuals and will read it compares to an article.

15. Conversation with a Leader in Your Industry

Cross-promote yourself, converse with someone in your niche. Twitter will be a great platform with a wide audience for a conversation.

16. Look to Link to Free Resources

Be it an eBook, white papers or other downloadable material, put it in a content bundle or downloadable infographic so that the audience can use it as a reference.

17. Don’t Forget Podcast Episodes

You can share a podcast or start one on your own. It’s a better alternative to reading, which could be time-consuming.

18. Try Out New Job Listings

Let your audience know you’re expanding, maybe your next employee could be your dedicated fan or a friend of his.

19. Get New Team Members

Show off your new employees, let the audience know that you are excited to have them on board.

20. Look to Talk About What Happened in the Past

Find something worth sharing that happened in your town or city in the past or create ‘National Day’ Posts, to share some fun days like the National Coffee Day.

21. Look to Promote Your Event

Share events, even create an Event page on Facebook and promote it in every social media channel.

22. You Can Go for Live Videos for More Engagement

It is the latest social media trend in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snap Chat. Find the apt platform to go live where you’ll have more audience.

Make weekly ones, like “Tip Tuesday”, or “Fun Fact Friday’ and so on, so that the audience doesn’t miss them out.

23. Make Visitors Sign-Up on Email

It’s useful in promoting a webinar or demo you want the audience to attend, or sending out newsletters.

24. Look to Engage Your Audience with Quizzes and Image Scrambles

Engage and get your audience thinking by posting image scrambles- which are images that are scrambled up or highly zoomed in, and the audience has to guess what it is.

For example, what is this?

It’s an orange crayon!


Looking forward to more effective social media post ideas that you can use? Come, take a look at ore strategies in our next post.


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