Top 9 Cart Abandonment Solutions to Decrease Cart Abandonment Rate
OCTOBER 11, 2019

Top 9 Cart Abandonment Solutions to Decrease Cart Abandonment Rate

Cart abandonment has become a major pain point for eCommerce businesses and online retailers. 69.57% of shoppers abandon cart on the checkout page for various reasons like hidden costs and lack of security. If you are in eCommerce, you would obviously want to reduce your cart abandonment rate so that more people buy your product to increase your profit.

But how do you prevent your customers from leaving their cart and reducing the cart abandonment rate?

The answer lies in checkout optimization, which can recover a whopping $260 billion lost due to cart abandonment. In this post, we are going to reveal 9 practical tips that you help to reduce abandonment rates and increase your sales.


1. Reveal All Costs

55% of customers abandon cart due to extra costs that add up during checkout. Another 21% leave your site because they weren't able to calculate total order cost up-front.

You should be transparent about all your costs and charges to prevent customers from getting an unpleasant surprise. Display all charges on the product page so that the customer knows what he has to pay in total.

You can also offer free shipping or use a shipping fee calculator to help your buyers and improve your cart abandonment rate.


2. Provide Secure Payment Options

People don't want to be victims of online frauds and leave your site when they see it's unsecured. You should take all steps to feel your customers feel protected so that they can share payment information without any tension.

  • Use secure HTTPs connection
  • Install SSL certificates for extra protection
  • Display security badges from well-known vendors like Norton or McAfee to assure buyers


3. Allow Guest Checkout

Customers don't like to wait! 26% of buyers will leave your site and affect your cart abandonment rate if your checkout process is too long or complicated. 34% of buyers also leave because they need to create an account to checkout.

You should seriously consider enabling guest checkout to shorten your buying process. Just go to your eCommerce platform settings and allow guest checkout or make accounts optional.

You can also provide sign up through Facebook or Google to make things quick!


4. Make Your Store Easy to Navigate

Nobody likes to spend hours just to buy an item from your site. You are bound to lose customers if your site is difficult to navigate or forces the customer to go through multiple pages before checkout.

Your site should be easily navigable with the important elements needed to complete the purchase at your buyer's fingertips. A buyer shouldn't also be made to go through more than 3 pages before checkout.


5. Use Compelling Visuals

Your customers cannot check the products physically when they buy online. That's why it's crucial to provide optimum visual representations to convince your customers. You can use:

  • Multiple high-resolution images of your product taken from different angles
  • Images of people using your product
  • Videos to explain features or details


6. Make Cart Easily Accessible

A customer may add items to the cart but not checkout instantly. They may try to find the best deals by comparing the final price with other competitors and come back to you if you have a good deal.

When they come back, your customers should be able to find their cart easily; otherwise, they may leave! You can take a cue from Amazon who displays the cart icon with the number of items right at the top of each page the visitor navigates.


7. Take Advantage of Live Chats

Live chat enables you to resolve queries of your customers right on the product page and encourages him to take action. You can use various tools to activate live chat and assist your customers in making the purchasing decision by answering their questions.

Helping your customers is crucial, as 55% of shoppers leave if they don't get a timely answer to their queries. You can also take the help of chatbots to automate chatting and save time and effort which is known to decrease the cart abandonment rate.


8. Exploit Exit-Intent Popups

Exit-intent popups are perfect for getting your customers to consider your product when they are about to leave and impact your cart abandonment rate. This is the last chance and you have to make it right!

You can use exit-intent popups to offer discounts, deals, or other incentives to encourage customers to buy your products.


9. Integrate Social Proof

Your buyers like to be reassured and the best way to reassure them is to show what others want! You can place various markers of social proof like the number of items sold, customer rating, reviews and more on your product page to generate assurance.

That will surely encourage your buyers to continue to checkout.


Final Thoughts

You need to give your everything to prevent your cart abandonment rate from increasing and affecting your bottom line. Engage your buyers, resolve their queries and be transparent to prevent your customers from leaving.


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