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do it all from one place
Do it all, from one place
make smarter decisions
Make smarter decisions
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Save thousands, it’s free

Workplace fuels you to do more, in less time.

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unified workplace

What apps would fuel you do to more?

Workplaces work smarter and better when you’re using more than one app. Explore several ways with how Workplace can bring your business together as one with free apps for small business.

Enable online ordering, eSign & more arrow down icon

Accept online orders by enabling the Shopping app. Process payments effortlessly with the Payments app, and bring it all together by having your buyer complete online signatures with eSign.

Take calls, chats & emails arrow down icon

Enable live chat on your website or communicate with your team using the Live Chat app. Take calls from customers on-the-go using the Cloud Phone app; respond to emails in Workplace using the Emails app

Make smart decisions with reporting arrow down icon

Apps connect and work together to introduce comprehensive reporting and to drive smarter decisions with live insights and predictive analytics across for your business and marketing.

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Without Unified Workplace

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Use 15+ apps for small business to run your business, a complicated mess.

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Forget making smart decisions – rummage through analytics everywhere.

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Train team members on 15+ business apps you use, then, make sure they use it.

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Pay ‘per-user’ fees for each small business app and spend thousands.

With Unified Workplace

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Have everything you need to boost sales, be productive & manage day-to-day.

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Bring multiple business apps together with the right metrics to make decisions.

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Empower your team to work in sync across apps, and stay in the loop.

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Never pay another app subscription again. Workplace is free.

Explore our Frequently Asked Questions

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Unified Workplace is a sales and marketing platform with more than 50+ apps that enable you to boost sales, be more productive, and manage your day-to-day. Give it a try; watch staff gets empowered under one platform, while your customers’ book, shop, pay & more.

Workplace is 100% free and always will be. Workplace earns through a small percentage fee for credit cards processed through Workplace.

Workplace users can upgrade to Plus and use their own payment processor with a choice of more than 20+ processors to avoid the small percentage fee.

Using Unified Workplace, online orders, your appointments, invoicing, phone system and more than 100+ business apps connect under one platform to boost sales, step up productivity, and manage all day-to-day activities. You can easily manage your employees, view real-time reports on what’s happening in your business; get intelligent recommendations on every app to drive more revenue on overlooked sales opportunities.

With Workplace, you’ll never have to pay another software subscription again. Workplace is free, and it always will be.

With Workplace, you can start using an app and easily embed the app within the website so customers can book, pay, shop and order with ease.

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