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Give your customer the power of running their business with 100+ apps all through cPanel.

Unified Workplace is the new way to get work done. It’s free; has everything you need to run your business from one single place with 100+ free business applications. Easily enable applications to manage your online appointments, orders, invoicing, bookkeeping and many, many more.

Our cPanel plugin extends the same platform within the cPanel control panel so that hosting companies can add more value to their brand and decrease churn.

Create a Partner Account

Create a free partner account and get access to the cPanel control panel plugin and API.


Installation: One Single Line Of Code

Installation of our cPanel plugin is as simple as a line of code via SSH.


Send Partnership E-mail to Customers

Use our email templates to announce the value your bringing to your customers.


How it Works with cPanel

We want every business in the world change the way they get work done; with hosting partners that use the cPanel control panel – we can accomplish that and make hosting less competitive. It's free for partners and their customers.

We have created a cPanel plugin that enables any hosting company to extend our platform with the same features and abilities within the cPanel control panel, where they can add more value to their brand with offering 100+ business applications to their customers.

Become a free partner today and explore a personalized demo, then install the cPanel plugin within minutes.

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Benefits to Hosting Providers

Unified Workplace brings tremendous value to any hosting company and your customers. Aside from being free to both partners and your customers, you’ll bring your hosting company out of obscurity in the competitive market by offering the apps that your customers will need to run their business – let your brand be the one that makes that impact in changing how they get work done every day.

User Benefits

It’s free for everyone

No monthly fees and no per user fees. We only collect 3% per transaction. There’s no other credit card transaction fees.

Wide select of Apps

Online store, appointment scheduling, invoicing, cloud phone, newsletter, HR, bookkeeping – the options are limitless.

No Third - Party Apps

All apps are created, maintained, supported and updated directly by Unified.

WOW Factor

Get your company out of obscurity by saving business owners thousands in start-up costs with our apps.

Growth Benefits

Revenue Sharing

Share revenue with the percentage we collect from CC transactions used by the apps as a merchant.

Increase ARPC

Break the barrier of the average revenue per client and adapt a new pricing model with the added value of Unified Workplace.

Outperform Competitors

Be the first to become a partner and outperform your competitors in the market with Unified Workplace.

Decrease Churn

Usage of the apps within cPanel ensure your churn rate decreases immediately.

Technical Benefits

Lightweight Plugin

The cPanel plugin uses our API and all data is hosted by Unified and not your cPanel server.

Zero Maintenance

Absolutely no maintenance is required for the Unified Workplace cPanel plugin with interruption-free updates.

Continuous Updates

We continuously update the cPanel plugin, Unified Workplace and add new features to apps with automatic interruption-free updates.

Fully Supported

We offer support for both partners and your customers directly from within the cPanel plugin.


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