Virtual Reality Store Fires Sales Staff After Switching

Tell us a little about what struggles your store had?

We sell virtual reality products, and we found that our product pages were not performing well since customers wanted to know more about the features of the product than what we offered. We found this out because visitors would message us on live chat wanting to learn more about the product instead of buying it. Our conversion rates were little to none without a staff member stepping in to help, and we had no technical ability to modify the product pages to give a visual demonstration of all the features our product has to offer.

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    How did you try and solve the struggles?

    We tried buying a new Shopify theme that had better product pages, but we still did not have the experience to bring it together in a way where we would appear as a trusted brand like many of our competitors have. We started looking into alternatives such as ClickFunnels, but it brought us back to square one with our technical ability and know-how.

    Why did you choose to switch to a sales funnel?

    It was more cost-efficient for us to choose a plan with Why Unified and have it done for us. Considering that our monthly subscription includes all of the software and tools, it actually ended us saving money in comparison to doing it ourselves. Not to mention, our sales funnels solved our problem of introducing highly efficient sales pages for our virtual reality products.

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      Compare before v/s after adding a sales funnel to your store.

      Sales. It’s as simple as that. After we made the switch, we noticed that our staff no longer had to step in and answer questions regarding product features. Our sales funnels were functioning exactly as they were advertised, and they sold the value behind the products so that our advertising campaigns could become profitable.

      How long did it take before you started noticing improvements?

      We saw improvements immidielty after we implemented the sales funnels into our advertising. We started to see a consistent level of orders coming through the week over week, and our return ratio was very low. We also noticed many different areas of our business improve such as repeat purchases, upsells, and down-sells due to the entire customer journey being brought together and it being well synchronized.

      Want to see what a funnel could do for your store?

        What areas did our sales funnels improve or solve for your store?

        It improved our overall traffic but sales problem that we were having, and it also improved the average lifetime value of our customers with repeat purchases, upsells, down-sells, and customers satisfaction. The sales funnels are outperforming our store, and are essentially acting almost as a replacement to our store. We still plan to keep our store active, although, the results are un-comparable between the two.

        Give a thumbs up for only one part of our sales funnels!

        The ability to be able to take what we have and turn it into something that sells is something we praise about our experience. We had all of the product information, but it was not marketable; without much direction, their team was able to turn it into a highly efficient sales funnel that constantly brings returns.

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        Our funnels are not only designed to support more checkouts, and introduce a journey of natural up-sells, but they’re cost-effective too.