Website Call Tracking Marketing: Why Do You Need It?
JUNE 13, 2019

Website Call Tracking Marketing- Why Do You Need It

You have a business online and that’s great! But, did you know that telephone calls still have a conversion rate 10-15 times higher than that on the internet? So, while I keep telling you how to boost your online conversion rate, in this article I am going to emphasize how telephonic conversions are equally important and why you shouldn’t take them for granted.

Most marketers don’t pay enough heed to their telephonic conversions. Therefore, they do not track the sources of these calls and miss out on almost 80% of their conversions. Imagine!

Don’t be that marketer. Technology has made it possible to set up website call tracking marketing I’ll tell you how you can do that but let’s start with the basics first.


Why is call tracking important?

With everyone having a mobile phone today, customers conveniently call businesses to get what they want. They just need the internet to know about your existence and your contact information, they then take it from there – through call tracking marketing. If you don’t track them, you will never know your exact sources of conversion and won’t be able to determine your marketing budget correctly. Big risk!

So, how can you overcome it?


Use Google’s call tracking feature:

You would have probably noticed how Google gives you an option to call a business when you search for it. Clicking on the call button pops up the business’ number on your phone to let you call it. This feature is known as ‘click to call’. If you enable this for your business, you can track conversions easily.

Sign up for Google Adwords and create at least one campaign. Then, put up a trackable phone number on every page of your website. Use Google Tag Manager to keep a tab of the incoming calls. This will link it to your Google Analytics dashboard and you will be able to see how many calls you’re getting through your ads.
However, Google might not always be the best for this purpose. I suggest you take free trials of other, more sophisticated call tracking software before deciding which one works best for your business. Here are a few that can help with website call tracking -



This website call tracking marketing software can help you in generating leads. It keeps a tab on calls coming from google searches, ads, email marketing campaigns and can help you determine which campaign is performing the best and which one needs work. You can then plan your strategy accordingly.

It also offers a geo-routing feature which is extremely helpful if you have outlets in multiple locations. The feature uses zip code to ensure that the customer gets mapped to the correct location when she calls your business.

Another great feature of CallRail is custom call schedules that can help you route calls according to your business hours.



This is one of the best software website call tracking marketing software out there. It lets you create a campaign using local or toll-free numbers. The dashboard gives you notifications and overview of every call you get. PhoneWagon is very easy to setup and to use.

Now that you know a few software, let’s see what you need to keep track of -


Overall call volume:

This is the offline analog of traffic. You need to monitor it as religiously as you monitor traffic with call tracking marketing. There are many benefits to it. It can help you identify an underlying pattern in your calls – the days when you get the most calls, the time when you get them, the source of those calls, first-time callers, etc. With this information at your disposal, you can plan your strategy better.


Type of calls:

It is important to carefully segment call tracking marketing based on their sources. These usually click to call, manually dialed calls or mobile phone calls. Having this insight can help you understand your strong and weak points.


Keyword attribution:

Just like SEO, you need to use the right keywords to maximize phone calls as well. They help you determine if you’re on the right track. Using CallRail you can get to know which keywords are getting you the most calls and which aren’t. You can then decide which ones you need to keep or get rid of.


Call duration:

Longer calls have a greater potential of generating great leads. It shows that the dialer is actually interested in your offering. Therefore, you should monitor the average duration of calls you get from various sources (campaigns, keywords, landing pages etc.)


Missed calls:

The majority of the people don’t care to call back if their call doesn’t get answered in the first go. Make sure that there’s someone to answer them at all time. If not a human, a recorded message that lets them know your business hours and assures them a callback. Don’t use voicemail as it is highly unlikely that people will leave a message for a first conversation.

Knowing your missed calls lets you know the number of leads you’ve lost and can help you come up with a plan to get them back through website call tracking marketing.



It is important to understand that even in the age of the internet, the good website call tracking marketing is still a source of a significant number of conversions. In order to stay ahead of your competitors, you need to measure call-related metrics to strategize better.


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