What Happens When You Buy Instagram Followers & Instagram Likes?
OCTOBER 09, 2019

What Happens When You Buy Instagram Followers & Instagram Likes

You can get followers on Instagram in two ways: a good way by having a thoughtful social media marketing strategy and goals, posting valuable content and engaging with the audience. Or take the easy and dark way around: buy Instagram likes and followers.


Why Buy Instagram Followers

The reason as to why even brands, celebrities, even politicians, are known to buy Instagram likes and followers is due to the fact that people think that the number of followers is a way of measuring their popularity. Most people in social media prefer quantity over quality and judge the Instagram account by its numbers. Brands use this to encourage people to check out their brand. Since it's easy and cheap, it often seems like a better alternative to the honest way to buy Instagram followers.


How Buying Instagram Followers Work

For buying followers on Instagram, you need to link your account to a service, make the required payments, and let the audience grow. It's comparatively cheap with services charging about $3 USD for every 100 followers. Its usually bots or zombie accounts - inactive accounts overtaken by bots. Expensive options cost upwards of $1,000 for every 10,000 followers. It would maintain active accounts that have the ability to interact with you. Either, we would not recommend that you buy Instagram followers.

There are even tools that follow users of your behalf for a predetermined time and unfollows them when they don’t follow you back. It selects users according to your preference, based on things like the location, hashtag usage and so on.


What Happens When You Buy Followers

For experimental purposes, Hootsuite bought a tool for $9.95 USD, which promised 1,000 “quality” followers for experimental purpose. In order to link the account, put in your username (@fruitless.strategy), and make payment. Hit the “Get Followers Now” button. Immediately the number of followers grew from 0 to 12 and every time you refresh the number seems to grow. In two hours the followers reached about 500 and surpassed 1,000 by noon the next day. But the post never had a like or comment, another reason why you shouldn't buy Instagram followers.

As to the question of who were these followers, they included a mix of teenagers with shirtless selfie posts, blank accounts, and bots peddling webcam porn.

The follower tally remains more or less around 1,000. When followers disappear, the tool replenishes it automatically but the quality remains the same- zero.


Why You Shouldn’t Buy Instagram Followers

Though you 'll get the advantage of the number, there is no interaction or engagement with them- no liking posts, no comments. There is even the risk of being caught by legitimate fans. If they find out, how can you expect them to trust you? It leaves your brand integrity at risk. 100 true followers are way more valuable instead of 10,000 fake ones.

There are other ways to track your popularity than the numbers, like click-throughs and engagement. You can measure engagement by calculating the engagement rate. Here’s a simple formula for that:

(Number of likes + number of comments)/ number of followers  X 100 = engagement rate

It will serve as an authentic check on your Instagram strategy and lets you whether you’re connecting with the audience using your content.


How To Grow Your Instagram by Following the Right Way

Get to know your audience properly, engage with them, and share great and relevant content. These are the key points of a winning Instagram strategy. You can use this guide of How to Get More Instagram Followers which has details on the exact steps you need to take in order to gather an audience who will engage with your business, rather than having to buy Instagram followers.

You should use relevant Instagram Hashtags which helps in giving your posts exposure to a larger number of the targeted audience. It will help you gain new customers or attract new followers who have an interest in the products and services you provide.

Proper channeling of the budget into your Instagram strategy is also required. It has an important part of getting a new and targeted audience. Instagram has various advertisement options that are combined with a business objective like driving band awareness, website traffic, app downloads or product sales. Instagram Ads: A Complete Guide for Business can help you to know about advertising on this particular social media platform.

So that’s how making followers on Instagram works. Do it the honest way or take the short-cut and buy Instagram followers and likes. It all comes down to your choice. But always remember that it’s the quality that matters, not the outer looks. Do what's best for you in the long run than going after fake and temporary popularity.


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