What is Split Testing (A/B Testing) & How it Helps Increase Conversion Rate
SEPTEMBER 21, 2019

What is Split Testing A-B Testing & How it Helps Increase Conversion Rate

What is split testing? Split testing or A/B testing is done by showing two versions of a web page to different people at the same time to figure out which version leads increase conversion rate.

Creating a website is just the first step of your digital journey. You need to evaluate if your marketing campaign is really helping your sales and all the time and money you have invested there is worth it

A/b testing is an effective conversion rate optimization strategy (CRO) which not only help in evaluation of your marketing activities but also in increasing the percentage of conversions from your website significantly.


The Top 15 A/B Testing Ideas You Will Love


Wondering what is split testing and how it can be used? Let’s take a look at top 15 a/b testing ideas that you can implement for your business:

  • You can test the navigation menu's different orders
  • Test click to play videos versus videos that can be auto-played, an effective way to increase conversion rate.
  • On your landing page, test a lightbox popup. A lightbox popup is one which when appears on the webpage, darkens the other contents so that the popup stands out significantly.
  • You can show and hide your prices on the landing page and then decide which works best with the visitors.
  • Test whether using more than one call to action (CTA) on the landing page will lead to better conversion or will create confusion amongst visitors.
  • Add the live chat option on your website for product pages to test whether it creates more profit for your business.
  • Test guest checkout vs member checkout feature. Members are returning customers who benefit from their details saved on the website as it creates faster checkout. However mandatory member checkout might dissuade first time shoppers who aren’t interested in creating their accounts. This testing would be helpful in figuring out the mood of website visitors.
  • Test single versus multiple pages checkout. The test done by get elastic proved that single page checkout pages outperformed multiple checkout pages by 21.8%.
  • You can test various features of CTA including its color, icon size, wordings of the CTA and its location. These variants might seem to be insignificant but an experiment by Optimizely stated that there was a 54% increase in conversion just by changing the CTA from “continue” to “review order”.
  • Test different quality and size of the pictures of your products to decide which one works the best.
  • Introduce social login on your website i.e allow visitors to not make their account on your website and instead log in using their social media accounts. This saves time and effort of customers but at the same time, some visitors might not have a social media account or might not want to share the same. Test the same to ensure whether it makes the login procedure easy for your customers or it confuses them.
  • Customers don’t like to fill lengthy forms, that’s a no brainer. Ease of submission of forms is a powerful yet very subtle way of generating more leads. You can test whether autocomplete feature in your forms can create better conversions for you.
  • What are the images you are using on your landing page? If you are really into using stock images and think that’s enough to attract attention, think again. Capture some real images of your products or your employees and the working environment and test these along with the stock images to see what works better. You’d be surprised with the results similar to this marketing experiment where conversions increased by a whopping 37.4%.
  • Test using different fonts on your landing page. Believe us when we say this, something as trivial as the font of your landing page could affect your lead generation process. Using the wrong font can annoy your prospective customer and make him leave your website earlier than desired. Marketing experts suggest 'Ariel' be the safe bet however if you are in the mood to try something different, a/b testing different fonts is the best option for you.
  • We are sure you have heard of the term Fear of missing out or FOMO. The same tactic can be tested for your digital marketing campaign. By adding the information about how many people bought the respective product and how many items are left in the stock, marketers create an urgency in the mind of customers and make them feel that by not buying the product immediately, they will miss out. You can test this tactic and assess how valuable it is for your revenue.


Have we answered what is split testing? While there are different ways you can to increase the conversion rate, we have included the top ideas that we feel will help your business the most. Which one do you think will help you the most?


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