Why Unified Reviews Facebook Ads Case Study & Facebook Ad Examples
SEPTEMBER 27, 2019

Why Unified Reviews Facebook Ads Case Study & Facebook Ad Examples

Everyone you know is on Facebook; in this Why Unified Review, we'll walk through the top social media case studies and Facebook examples knowing the social media app has grown tremendously over the years - with over 2.3 billion users and counting. Not only is the social media site being used by people to connect with friends and family, it’s a great place to promote your business as well. And what’s the best way to do that than Facebook ads.


If you are skeptical about the success and profitability of Facebook ads, we have brought for you top Facebook ads case studies:

  • Buffer's experiment of what one can get on Facebook with $5 per day?

Buffer decided to test the popularity of Facebook and to check what the minimum investment of $5/day could get them on Facebook. And this was the result:

they received 9 likes per day

The clicks to the landing page were about 1 per day

The post reached 787 new people

The message is clear. Even if you are a business with a small budget, you can gain substantially by using Facebook ads.

As you can see, they targeted people excluding the ones who liked buffer. And this is another important take away from this important. In order to reach a large number of people, excluding the ones who are already following your page.


  • The experiment by Brian Carter of what one can get from Facebook for 1$/day

This experiment is similar to that of Buffer's but with even lower budget. By investing $1 per day for a month, Brian was successful in reaching 4000 per day. That’s a significant reach considering the amount Brian used.

He also calculated the cost to reach 1000 people. And as you can see in the table above, the cost for Facebook ads was the lowest, thus making it a profitable investment.

Even if you believe that the other channels reach is much higher, the amount spent on Facebook ads is very insignificant and something that any small to medium-sized business can afford easily.


  • Angela Ponsford journey from an Advertising fail to an Advertising win

Angela created a Facebook ad for one of her clients who wanted to sell a home renovation program costing $990 to middle-aged women between 30 to 40 years old all over the USA. Angela prepared a mailing list with the help of Facebook ads and then contacted them to show them a free webinar for the project she was advertising.

Everything went great however there was a problem. Angela found out that the people she was engaging with was not really her target audience. Most of the women engaging with her were more than 40 years old.  All she got was 2 signups from the ad.

That’s when she decided to redesign the ads. And after several sample ads and brainstorming, they came up with the following ad which helped to capture 400 leads at a cost of $570.

Thus it’s important that you keep on making changes to the Facebook ads and keep optimizing them unless you get the desired result. Also, the audience you thought was perfect, might not actually be that. You should always be open to changes and suggestions.


  • How Mary Fernandez using Facebook ads got 532 subscribers in just 43 days

For new businesses, getting early subscribers is tricky. Even though your content is of high quality, you might have problems in attracting the right people to your page.

Mary Fernandez was able to get 532 subscribers in 43 days using Facebook video ads for a cost of $227.05, which means her cost to get one subscriber was just $.43 cents. And here is the proof:

One thing that really worked for her was making personalized ads instead of just using stock photos. Let’s see one of the examples of her personalized Facebook ad.

A person scrolling through Facebook will mostly ignore ads that look clichèd and traditional. He has seen it everywhere and he isn’t interested. He is not on Facebook for watching ads. But if your ad is personalized a four of the box, it will intrigue and attract him. It’s important to not go for stock photos. You should try to make ads that are personal and have the quality to engage people, not something that people will just scroll by. Interact with your audience and show your business’s human side to them.

Facebook ads are a great way to boost your business revenue. Facebook is here for a long time and it’s best we capitalize its stay. We have included the top case studies to ensure you understand the importance of Facebook ads and understand that budget isn’t important if you want to reach your business to a large group of people.


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