Why Unified Reviews Website Design Best Practices
OCTOBER 14, 2019

Why Unified Reviews Website Design Best Practices

The world is going digital faster than you would think. How do you want to establish your brand? It’s not easy to build on your brand loyalty. Just having more resources to help you wouldn’t help – you need to edge past your competitors, and for that, you need a good marketing strategy which Why Unified Reviews the best website design practices.

It’s where Why Unified, a marketing company, comes in. Why Unified offers services that are distinct and spot on.

We have all heard ‘First impression is the last impression’. And even though we all may think we aren’t so superficial, we all make our fist second judgment based on the first impression we receive. In the case of websites, it’s their look, their design, and the images.

This is why it is essential for websites to follow certain practices to have a bigger ROI (Rate of Interest) and a lesser Bounce rate. You want your visitors to view more than one page of your site, after all. Google takes a look at everything from the bounce rate to the time spent by an average user on your site when determining the search engine rankings of that particular page.

Have a look at best website designs and practices in this Why Unified Review gathered based on below given criteria.


  •  Branding in your website

People often forget how important branding is, may it be a small startup or a huge multi-national company.

WhyUnified.com specializes in branding. From the logo to the images, everything shows its values: Connection, Transparency, and Performance.


  • White Space is a Must

Many website owners try to make more conversion through a series of un-assorted advertisements which in reality decreases their ROI and actually increases the Bounce rate.

Here’s another one :

When a potential client is looking at such a website, he’ll have no idea where to even look for anything. The point of a website is to show your online presence. The website acts as your business face online. The moment it is cluttered in this manner, no one will stay on it for long (unless someone called to revamp, in that case, you should definitely take it up).

Have a look at this:

Do you notice the space between the heading and body and even space in between lines? That’s what makes it more beautiful and attractive. And this will give them a higher chance of a conversion.


  • Limit Number of Options

Hick–Hyman law states that if a person has more choices then he/she will take a longer time to come to decision. Have a look at the graph below.

Basically, in layman terms, the less options you have the more chances that the client will come to a decision faster and hit that CTA button.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you put up just 1-2 options, especially on an E-commerce website. Put a few on the home page, linking another age where the rest of the products are.


  • The Rule of the Thirds

This rule is generally used in photography but it’s very much in use for web design now. Divide the page into a grid, two horizontal and two lines vertical, spaced at even quarters. The intersections are the places where anyone’s eyes first direct to.

This tells us the exact place a CTA or the logo should be placed to be in the direct view on=f the potential customer. After all, as I said, the first impression matters.


  • Image Size Optimization & Loading Speed Optimization

The loading speed of a website on a desktop and on mobile varies. That being said, the website should be both mobile and web-friendly. People won’t wait for than 30 secs and would promptly move onto your customers if your loading speed is less because of your images size.


  • Add Breadcrumbs

Breadcrumbs are very important, especially for a website where you have a large number of meta-options. People will move onto your competitors if they lose themselves in your website. And I don’t mean that in a good way!


  • Color and Contrast is Attractive

Blue is the color of serenity, trustworthy and calm. A website with this dominant color will showcase a sense of loyalty to their customers. Similarly, Peach/Skin color stands for emotion and kids (innocence). Have a look at this website:

Makes you want to click on that CTA button, doesn’t it?


Here’s another one:

This website color depicts its loyalty, trustworthiness, and serenity with which it’ll work. No one would want to look at a website for long which would give a headache.


- Animation

Now, you do not want to overdo it, but an animation here and there helps. Just do ensure that any animation you do add doesn’t contribute significantly to the loading time.


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