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Easy use

Your team won't need any special training to get the results you want from Unified’s suite of applications. We made sure to cut learning curves by incorporating elements from some of the applications everyone uses every day. If you can find your way around social media and email platforms, you'll start as an expert navigating all our offerings.

Unified Workplace is really easy to use. I’m not very technical but I setup the business applications in 30 minutes without any extensive setup requirements.

David David S. Knuth
Easy use

We also hate being stuck when using business systems, which is why our clients get dedicated support whenever they need it. There is no problem too small to call in; sometimes it only takes someone to agree and walk with you past hurdles to break productivity limits.

I love their support team; for a company to provide enterprise-level support for a free product is phenomenal.

David Larry A. Daniels
Easy use

We don't thrive by stealing from you. The agreement we make when you sign up sticks. All service charges are predictable throughout their term of use. Even when you want a free service, we won't send surprise invoices regardless how profitable your business will grow to be. We stand for transparency; not even our policies come in fine print.

It’s a free product and they’re very straightforward with how they generate revenue from credit card transactions.

David Jimmie A. Messina
Easy use

Our platform will keep giving you the competitive edge you need by continually adding the most popular sales and marketing tools to reach clients wherever they go. As you grow, the efforts required to stay on top of your game change as well. Stay a step ahead all the time with a platform designed to grow with you all the way.

We run our entire business from this platform; they always provide interruption-free updates and add new applications nearly every two weeks. We use the eSign app, which standalone saves us nearly $3000+ per year in comparison to others with the same features.

David Joseph P. Dougherty
Easy use

Since we launched Unified Workplace, our users have grown and recently passed the 2 million milestone. That many users can't all be getting it wrong, find out what gives us the kind of growth we share with each of these users and make it work for yourself too.

I love their growth; it gives me assurance that they’re here for the long-run even though all of the data is exportable. I would recommend Unified Workplace to any business, it should be a requirement.

David Ted N. Thomas
Easy use

There are banks with weaker security standards than those we enforce on all the data that clients give us. We have maintained a security incident record of 0% so that your teams can work with the peace of mind that no one else can replicate their success but themselves. Ever evolving, our systems will defend you from even the least expected threat, yourself.

I trust their platform with my data; based on my experience – their security features are more rigorous than with banking websites. It’s a very stable platform and there hasn’t been any downtime.

David Anthony W. Hertz
Easy use

It seems obvious until you experience it, the productivity and convenience of having all the functions you need to run a business in the same window. The cost savings alone are enough for some customers to stay with us, the benefits don’t stop there.

My lawn care business uses Unified Workplace to run our entire business from one single place with accepting credit cards to confirming appointments.

David Anthony W. Hertz
Easy use

One of the reasons why the business operating system is offered free of charge. We don't give you a product and dump you in it. We follow up all the way until your business has outgrown your expectations. Our regular webinars will ensure that your teams are using the products to their maximum potential, and the business forum will provide you with a community to share experiences and grow with side by side.

Our business has reduced costs and grown significantly since every application either generates us revenue, runs our marketing or keeps us under one roof with all of the real-time data we need to make decisions.

David Lamont J. Wurm
Easy use

Giving you convenient access to your entire business tools would be meaningless if you could only access them from your office. Tear down office boundaries with secure access to your business from anywhere you go. You can check in and manage operations through your phone or tablet. We understand that it takes 365 days of effort to get yearly success. Skip into new territories without skipping a day's work.

I love that nearly every web application has an application for the iPhone. It allows me to close deals on the go while keeping an eye on my entire business in all aspects.

David Thomas P. Reed

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