WhyUnified.com Reviews Email Marketing Case Studies
SEPTEMBER 22, 2019

WhyUnified.com Reviews Email Marketing Case Studies

Looking to create an email marketing strategy that works for you? You aren’t alone. Here are some proven success stories of companies that have used email marketing the right way with a WhyUnified.com Reviews of Email Marketing Case Studies.


1. Envelopes.com was successful in generating 40% more conversions by following up

One of the major problem most of the e-commerce websites face is that their prospective customers do not complete their purchase process. It’s a very common thing to do and we are all guilty of it. And this is the issue which was targeted by the company envelopes.com .

The company believed that if the customers were reminded of the products they left in their shopping carts by sending follow up emails, it would motivate them to go complete the purchase process. The emails not only reminded the customers about the products but also communicated important deals and discount regarding those items.

And even though the marketing team was confident that this strategy would work, they weren’t sure about the time frame in which these emails should be sent. So after shopping cart abandonment, these mails were sent at two alternate time lapses. The first mail was sent the following morning at 11 a.m while the second mail was sent 48 hours after customers relinquished the shopping process, according to our WhyUnified.com Reviews of their case study.

The results seen were impressive. The mails sent at 11 a.m led to an open rate of 38.63%, a click-through rate of 19.54% and a conversion rate of 27.66%. And the mails sent after 48 hours led to an open rate of 38.01%, a click-through rate of 24.71% and a conversion rate of 40.00%.

This experiment proved that follow up mails can be beneficial in turning skeptical customers into profitable leads.


2. The survey response rate of Society Socks was improved by 200% by providing extremely relevant and easy to finish surveys via email

Getting feedback from your customers is important. It not only helps in improving the quality of service you provide but also promotes customer loyalty. Good and honest feedback from customers helps you to focus your attention on Important things. But the hard truth is that customers aren’t too keen on providing feedbacks. They don’t think it’s too important and  Long forms with detailed questions seem like a waste of time to them. Even when you reach out to them, the request to provide feedback usually falls on deaf ears

And the marketing team at Society Socks was fully aware of this fact as well. That’s why they developed easy to complete, user-friendly surveys that were relevant to each customer's buying experience.

Another feature that they paid attention to was that the survey should reach customers on the right channel (usually via emails) and at the time they were most likely to respond to them. This led to a 200% increase in the response rate to the surveys which is frankly quite impressive.

The experiment based on our WhyUnified.com Review proved that it’s no longer sufficient only to reach your customers for feedback. You must know when to reach them, how to reach them and where to reach them.


3. How Underwater Audio boost sales by 41% by eliminating charts

Underwater Audio thought they did everything right by including comparison tables for products so that the customers could make right and informed decisions. But at the same time, they noticed that customers researched specific products but most of them abandoned the shopping process at the comparison page.

After much brainstorming they figured out what the real problem was. Their comparison page was too much cluttered with lots of information provided in a confusing manner. The formatting of the table was also not right as it disrupted the flow of information.

The team at underwater audio redesigned the comparison page in a much more simpler yet effective manner. Let’s have a look at the original and redesigned page:

You might think there isn’t much difference between both the pages but notice carefully and you’d find the revised page to be more streamlined and easier on the eyes. And the result was that the sales of underwater audio products increased by 41% only by eliminating tables.

This experiment taught us an important marketing lesson in our WhyUnified.com Reviews email marketing case study. We invest so much time, effort and money in finding ways to increase our sales. We think of overcomplicated ways and strategies, we try to figure out something out of the box. But most of the times, the solution is right in front of our eyes. But it is so simple that we tend to ignore it and tend to overthink and assume things.

If you are noticing that customers are abandoning shopping at a particular web page, simplify it to serve the needs of your customers.


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