How it works

Walk through the customer journey with our sales funnels, which is 100% personalized to your store.

    Our funnels are done-for-you.

    We plan, create, launch, and optimize your funnels to drive sales.


    Quickly answer a few questions so that we can learn about your store, product, brand preferences and more.

    Free Funnel Plan

    We’ll build out your funnel so that you can see it in play with your store before making a monthly commitment.

    Launch or Cancel

    Approve your funnel plan for launch or cancel with a full refund. It’s that easy to see your funnels in play.


    We’ll continue to optimize your funnels on an on-going basis, including extending them based on user behaviour.

    Easily connect to your store to sync products.

    In a few click, we’ll have access to your products and any updates
    you make in the future so your funnel is always up-to-date.

    Let’s dive into the funnel as a buyer.

    Your funnels are 100% personalized to your brand and store. 
    Let’s walk through a typical example of how our funnels play into your store.

    Find your customer


    Reach targeted customers through our Ads plan, start driving highly qualified shoppers right into your funnel without having to do a thing.

    Enters the funnel


    Have shoppers land into the first step of your funnel
    which is a highly effective product sales page that sells the benefits, features and value of your product.

    Behavior Learning


    While your shoppers are entering the funnel, we’re learning about their behavior, clicks, what they’re most interested in and using it to optimize your funnel.

    Capture Email


    While shoppers are browing through the first step of the funnel, they will be promoted for their email so that they can dive into different steps of the funnel.

    Nurture with Emails


    Send targeted emails for cart recovery, to win-back
    customers or educate them all based on their behavior
    and what they did in the funnel.

    Bring them Back


    Bring back lost revenue by showing ads to past shoppers or upsell related products in your funnel all while shoppers receive coordinated emails.

    Product Purchased


    Optimize checkout with a more intuitive checkout that learns and improves or use your pre-existing checkout. Your payment processor always stays the same.

    Upsell Products


    Send emails with upsells and cross-promote related products to customers who purchased or who are just about too. Create bundles, promotions and more.

    Build Loyalty & Trust


    Promote repeat purchases by building relationships with
    your customers through targeted VIP campaigns, welcome campaigns, and more!



    Your funnel continues to adapt and learn to create a more personalized shopping experience. It never stops learning and improves with every visit.

    Try us with a free marketing plan.

    That’s right. We’ll build out your funnel and show you
    how it would play into your store to drive sales.